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Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Nears Goal as Campaign Continues

By Eddy Ball
November 2009

A man standing and speaking in front of a microphone outside
Pritchard, above, told listeners, "I did that job [CFC chair] myself once." He urged employees to "give back" to their communities.
(Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

A man standing and speaking in front of a microphone outside
Kleeberger was decked out in his Detroit Tigers shirt in keeping with the tailgating theme of the kick off. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

By the end of the day on October 30, NIEHS employees had pledged nearly $60,000 or 85 percent of the campaign's 2009 goal of $70,000, and CFC organizers were confident NIEHS would reach or exceed the goal as the campaign continues through November 20.

The smooth execution of the campaign is a testament to the concerted efforts of the co-chairs for the 2009 CFC campaign - Veronica Godfrey Robinson and Rachel Frawley - and division leaders - Dona McNeill (OM), Robin Mackar (OD), Eli Ney (DIR), Claudia Thompson (DERT), and Rachel Frawley (NTP) - as well as a dedicated group of volunteer keyworkers (  Download Adobe Reader (124 KB) .

The speakers at the kickoff events, Acting Scientific Director John Pritchard, Ph.D., and Acting Deputy Director Steve Kleeberger, Ph.D., also did their part with moving testimony on the importance of helping others.

Four smiling women outside, ready to serve from pots of chili
Volunteers served up chili to attendees on the Rall Building patio. Shown, left to right, are Essie Jones, Veronica Godfrey, Jacqui Marzec and Rachel Frawley. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

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