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This Month in EHP

By Eddy Ball
November 2009

EHP: Twitter ( month, Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) ( considers so-called "beneficial uses" of the more than 131 million tons of coal combustion waste (CCW) produced each year in the U.S. The focus article, "Trash or Treasure? Putting Coal Combustion Waste to Work," investigates whether using CCW in construction brings with it a potential for toxic leaching from building materials. November's Spheres of Influence feature, "Balancing Act: Creating the Right Regulation for Coal Combustion Waste," looks at how tighter regulation by state and federal agencies could impact the recycling of CCW.

EHP November 2009Other highlights in the issue include the following studies:

  • Environmental Health Indicators of Climate Change - Exploring the need for accurate surveillance data and indicators of vulnerability and preparedness to predict human health impacts and develop successful mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • Diesel Exhaust Particles (DEP) and Airway MicroRNA Expression - Investigating effects of DEP and other environmental pollutants on micro RNA expression that may contribute to adverse health effects
  • Neighborhood Walkability and Air Pollution - Analyzing neighborhoods in Vancouver, British Columbia in an effort to better understand how factors of the built environment influence levels of physical activity
  • Traffic Pollution: Preeclampsia and Preterm Birth - Adding further evidence of the adverse effects of air pollution on reproductive outcomes

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