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This Month in EHP

By Robin Arnette
December 2009

EHP: Twitter ( month, Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) ( investigates the potential threat of lead exposure in tap water. The focus article, "Out of Plumb: When Water Treatment Causes Lead Contamination," examines how lead gets into treated water and what water utilities and residents are doing about it. December's Spheres of Influence feature, "Communication Gap: The Disconnect Between What Scientists Say and What the Public Hears," looks at ways to maintain the integrity and accuracy of reported data while presenting new findings in terms that are meaningful to the public.

EHP December 2009Other highlights in the issue include the following topics:

  • Nanotechnology and in Situ Remediation - Using nano-remediation - the manipulation of reactive nanoscale (1-100 nm) materials to transform and detoxify pollutants - to reduce the cost and time required to decontaminate large-scale sites and eliminate the need for treatment and disposal of extracted contaminants
  • Cadmium-Induced Breast Cell Transformation - Analyzing the role of the environmental pollutant cadmium in the pathogenesis of breast cancer and the basal-like phenotype
  • The Melamine Incident: Food and Feed Safety - Factors that contributed to melamine contamination of infant formula in China and recommendations to manage future food-safety incidents and protect public health
  • Well Water, Pesticides and Parkinson's Disease - Adding further evidence of a link between the consumption of pesticide-contaminated well water and Parkinson's disease

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