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NIEHS Extramural Research and the AARA

April 2009

Recovery.govNIH announced in a March 10 press release ( Exit NIEHS that $1.5 billion is currently available to fund grants for scientific research, construction and improvement of research facilities, and the purchase of scientific equipment. This is the first installment of the $10.4 billion to be provided to NIH as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), which was signed into law on February 19. The funds will be available over two years - through September 2010. $8.2 billion is allocated in support of scientific research opportunities.

In keeping with the goals of the ARRA to preserve and create jobs and promote economic recovery in the United States, applications for the announcements described below must be from domestic institutions/organizations located in the 50 states, territories and possessions of the United States, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands or District of Columbia.

Potential applicants should note that all opportunities for funding with ARRA funds will be handled through Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) and Notices in the NIH Guide. ( Exit NIEHS There will be no opportunities for unsolicited or "investigator-initiated" applications. Researchers interested in applying for ARRA funds should carefully read announcements on the NIH ARRA Grant Funding Opportunities website ( Exit NIEHS and the NIEHS Information Related to the ARRA website. Information is being added to the websites daily, and potential applicants are encouraged to check these websites regularly. NIEHS program staff will be happy to address any questions that potential applicants may have.

NIH is working closely with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Recovery Act Implementation team to ensure transparency and accountability for the Recovery Act funds. As NIH spending plans are approved through this process, NIH will post information about these critical projects and their impact on the economy at the DHHS Recovery website.

Although the FOAs listed below were announced through NIH and NCRR, they are available to grantees of all NIH Institutes. Eligible NIEHS grantees with construction, renovation, and/or instrumentation needs are encouraged to apply for these opportunities.

Current Opportunities

Challenge Grants in Health and Science Research (RC1) ( Exit NIEHS - RFA-OD-09-003 - Applications due April 27, 2009. Challenge Grants focus on specific knowledge gaps, scientific opportunities, new technologies, data generation, or research methods that would benefit from an influx of funds to quickly advance the area in significant ways. Within each broad Challenge Area, the NIH Institutes, Centers and Offices have specified topics that address their missions.


Core Facility Renovation, Repair, and Improvement (G20) ( Exit NIEHS - RFA-RR-09-007 - Applications due September 17, 2009

Extramural Research Facilities Improvement Program (C06) ( Exit NIEHS - RFA-RR-09-008 - Multiple receipt dates.


High-End Instrumentation Grant Program (S10) ( Exit NIEHS - PAR-09-118 - Applications due May 6, 2009

Supplement Awards

Please see NIEHS ARRA Information Related to the ARRA website for NIEHS-specific information, including contacts and application instructions, related to these supplement funding opportunities.

Administrative Supplements ( Exit NIEHS - NOT-OD-09-056 - See IC websites for specific deadlines

Administrative Supplements to Research Grants Providing Summer Research Experiences for Students and Science Educators ( Exit NIEHS - NOT-OD-09-060 - See IC websites for specific deadlines

Competitive Revision Applications ( Exit NIEHS - NOT-OD-09-058 - Applications due April 21, 2009

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