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Upcoming Distinguished Lecture

By Eddy Ball
January 2007

James Haber
Distinguished Lecturer James Haber . (Photo courtesy of James Haber and Brandeis University)

James E. Haber, Ph.D., will present the next talk in the 2006-2007 NIEHS Distinguished Lectures series at 11:00 AM January 9 in Rodbell Conference Center. Haber is a professor of Biology, Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology at Brandeis University. His topic will be "Checkpoint Responses and Repair of a Broken Chromosome."

Haber's lab studies how potentially lethal breaks in the DNA double helix are repaired and what effects they have on the cell. "Recombination between homologous sequences is a fundamentally important process both in meiosis and in mitotic cells," he explains. "We are interested in understanding at the molecular level how recombination occurs and what roles are played by the many proteins involved in DNA recombination, repair and replication."

Laboratory of Molecular Genetics Staff Scientist Dmitry Gordenin, Ph.D., is the sponsor of Haber's talk.

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