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NIEHS Holiday Open House

By Eddy Ball
January 2007

Bill Suk and David Scwartz
Bill Suk, Ph.D., and host David Schwartz enjoyed the refreshments as Steve Akiyama, Ph.D., and Diane Crawford talked in the background. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

Sam Wilson, Marc Hollander and Marry Hollander
From left to right, hosts Sam Wilson and Marc Hollander talked with Mary Hollander as Elliott Gilmer and Charletta Fowler sampled the punch. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

Don Gula and Bruce Wiggins with host Bill Martin
Don Gula (left) and Bruce Wiggins (right) laughed with host Bill Martin. Kim Peterson stood behind Martin. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

The NIEHS Holiday Open House sponsored by the Institute's leadership moved downstairs to the lobby this year, and there were two new hosts at the 2006 event, but the spirit of cheer and fellowship on December 20 remained the same. Joined by Deputy Director Sam Wilson, M.D., Associate Director William Martin, M.D., and Associate Director for Management Marc Hollander, Director David A. Schwartz, M.D., welcomed the NIEHS family to refreshments, personal appreciation for dedication and hard work, and best wishes for a peaceful new year.

Charletta Fowler
Charletta Fowler took a break to enjoy the fruits of her labor. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

Mary Wolfe, Allen Dearry and Mitsue Parrish
Mary Wolfe, Ph.D., Allen Dearry, Ph.D., and Mitsue Parrish filled their plates with refreshments. Although healthier choices were readily available, the most popular items seemed to be from the sugar and salt food groups. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

Kim Peterson and Charletta Fowler
Thanks to volunteers Kim Peterson (foreground) and Charletta Fowler, everyone had plenty to eat. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

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