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Holiday Craft Fair Bounty Lures Shoppers to Mall Area

By Eddy Ball
January 2007

Barbara Dillard
Area artist Barbara Dillard replenished her display paintings from under her table as the crowds cruise the mall looking for unusual gifts and great deals. . (Photo by Eddy Ball)

Elena Braithwaite
Staff Scientist Elena Braithwaite, Ph.D., waited for the next customer hungry for her baked goods. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

Patsy King
Patsy King of the Laboratory of Signal Transduction was the woman to see about bags and casserole carriers. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

Juanita Bradley
Juanita Bradley of Contracts was delighted by the chance to spend her lunch hour shopping. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

During the annual Holiday Craft Fair on December 7, vendor tables lined the mall area from the entrance to B Module all the way to nearly the end of F Module. NIEHS staff, contractors and visitors took advantage of the opportunity to shop during lunch or on break as vendors and crafts people from the Institute and the Triangle area sold a variety of items ranging from cookies, cakes and floral arrangements to jewelry, kitchenware, bags, quilts and art work.

The Holiday Craft Fair has been a part of NIEHS since it was started in 1992 by the local chapter of the Federal Women's Program. According to NIEHS Troubleshooter Sarah O'Donnell, who has organized the event since 2000, the 2006 Craft Fair was very well attended. "We also had a lot of new vendors this year," O'Donnell said.

Kristy Shaefer
Area vendor Kristy Shaefer was one of the many sellers who took advantage of any available space in the crowded mall. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

display of handbags
This display of handbags and drawings reached almost to the end of the mall in F Module. (Photo by Eddy Ball)

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