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Upcoming Global Environmental Health Workshop

By Eddy Ball
January 2007

William Martin
Workshop Organizer William Martin (Photo courtesy of William Martin)

NIEHS will host a Global Environmental Health (GEH) Workshop January 10-13, 2007 at the Stanford Court Hotel in San Francisco. Associate Director and Director, Office of Translational Research, William Martin, M.D., has invited environmental health experts worldwide to participate in the meeting to explore environmentally-associated disease in terms of the "life course" model.

The participants will break into three working groups - maternal, childhood, and adult. Each working group will be composed of two chairs and approximately 8-12 participants. The workshop structure will be broken down into three sessions, each designed to elicit recommendations for three outcomes:

  • A list of key diseases/project ideas in GEH that align with the NIEHS mission and that NIEHS could successfully undertake
  • Identification of the infrastructure barriers that NIEHS/NIH will need to address to conduct effective GEH research
  • Recommendations on how to establish synergistic/strategic global partnerships to conduct this research

At the end of the workshop each working group will produce an 8-10 page background summary based on its work output for each of the sessions.

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