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"Work, Learn, Discover" Wins Plain Language Award

By Eddy Ball
April 2007

cover of the booklet 'Work, Learn, Discover'

On April 17, six NIEHS employees will be recognized at the Seventh Annual Plain Language Award ceremony for their ability to write clearly and concisely.

NIEHS will receive Honorable Mention at the event for the booklet "Work, Learn, Discover," composed by a team that included Charle League, Deborah Swope, Ph.D., Marian Johnson-Thompson, Ph.D., Kathy Odenwald, Christine Bruske-Flowers and Robin Mackar.

"Work, Learn, Discover" provides a general overview of NIEHS and its research initiatives, as well as information about scientific education, outreach, and employment and training opportunities at the Institute. Published in January 2006, the eight-page booklet is easy to read, colorful and filled with photographs and graphics. It has become a staple at conferences, meetings and other events where the Institute interacts with the scientific community and the public.

The annual NIH Plain Language competition is sponsored by the Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN)( Exit NIEHS, a group of federal employees from many different agencies and specialties promoting plain language in government publications. The group's website offers resources for government writers. PLAIN reminds visitors that plain writing is not only a good practice, but also a goal mandated by President Clinton's 1998 executive memo and several statutes.

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