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Sharon Finds New Fans

By Eddy Ball
April 2007

Kidsville news article screenshot
Sharon's new friend, Truman, introduces the story of Sharon's quest to understand her environment. Some of the children who will read - or have read to them - this version of Sharon Finds the Environment weren't even born when Hawkins composed the popular tale. (Graphic courtesy of Kidsville News)

Soon a new audience of children and parents will have a chance to be charmed by Sharon Finds the Environment. The NIEHS children's classic by Tom Hawkins will be the "Storytime" feature in the April issue of Kidsville News. This latest version will feature new, distinctively Kidsville graphics, including the publication's mascot, Truman.

The story was first published in 2001 and won that year's NIH Plain Language Award for Hawkins. Since then, it has appeared many times in the United States and overseas. As a government publication, Sharon is not protected by copyright laws and may be published by anyone who is willing to acknowledge the authorship of Hawkins and NIEHS/NIH.

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