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Softball Team Finishes in Second Place

By Steve McCaw
October 2006

Softball team group picture
The BioHazards gather for an end-of-the-season photo opportunity. Pictured are (left to right) Andrea Moon, Matt DellaVecchia, Krystal Finney, Greg Travlos, Tina Searcy (knelling), Zac Pursell, Steve McCaw (Captain), Matt Rushing, Danny Sanders, Nolan Wright, Russ Campbell, Yvette Cobb and Keith Merritt (standing). Dave Malarkey, Jason Williams, Mary Watson, Michael Wyde, Reid Lerner and Vee Vee Shropshire were not present for the photo. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

Members of the NIEHS softball team, the BioHazards, have good reason to be smiling about their very respectable season. This year the "B" League softball team came-in second place out of seven teams with a final record of nine wins and five loses. The BioHazards had a very good year considering it was a "rebuilding year" for the team, with many of the players being on the roster for the first time. The young team lost its first games at the very start of the season, but then won five in a row to power the team on to a winning year. The NIEHS players ultimately lost in the play-offs to the Trimeris team, who went on to win the "B" League title.

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