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New Exposure Biology Grants, Intramural and Extramural

By John Peterson
November 2006

NIH Exposure Biology Program logo
(Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw)

For the first time in NIEHS history, application eligibility for new extramural research grants includes scientists working in the Division of Intramural Research, in addition to researchers outside the institute. The new Exposure Biology Program request for applications, announced in mid-October, offers $74 million in grant opportunities for the development of new technologies that will improve the measurement of environmental exposures contributing to human disease. "Any individuals with the skills, knowledge and abilities required to carry out the proposed research, including scientists who work in NIH laboratories, are encouraged to submit an application for participation in the program," explained Brenda Weis, Ph.D., senior science advisor at NIEHS and program coordinator for the Exposure Biology Program.

The three grant opportunities will support research to develop portable, easy-to-use sensing devices that will accurately measure personal exposure to a wide variety of chemical and biological agents. The grants will also support the development of sensitive biomarkers, based on subtle changes in DNA structure, proteins, metabolites and other molecules that will enable scientists to study how the body responds to environmental stress.

Applicants should submit letters of intent no later than November 22, 2006 and applications by December 22. Peer review will take place during March and April 2007, with council review scheduled during May. The earliest anticipated start date for approved applications is July 2007.

The institute held an information meeting and videoconference on October 20 to allow potential applicants to obtain information and clarify any questions about the funding opportunities, which are part the Gene and Environment Initiative. Detailed information about the meeting and the new grant opportunities is available at the Exposure Biology Program website.

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