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OM Workshop: Personal & Organizational Change

By Blondell Peterson
August 2005

The Office of Management sponsored a workshop July 21 at Nottingham Hall for federal staff and contractors affected by A-76 efforts. The workshop was titled, "Understanding Personal and Organizational Change."

Dan Grandstaff spoke about coping skills for personal change, while Sharon Gazda discussed coping skills for organizational change. Both presenters are from the NIH Transition Center.

Sara Sutphin, NIH Transition Center manager, said the transition center mission consists of "multiple pieces." The pieces are designed to help people:

  • Cope with the process
  • Understand the process
  • Prepare for the competition that sometimes conveys with the new structure
  • Redeploy to other NIH positions if necessary due to restructuring

The center aims to retrain and redeploy NIH employees affected by A-76, she said.

Sutphin said the center offers courses, sessions and workshops in Bethesda and Rockville. However, center staff was not able to do much outreach at NIEHS until Dona K. McNeill, an administrative officer in the Office of Management, contacted them. McNeill said she got positive feedback from NIEHS employees who participated in transition center programs through videoconferencing. She facilitated the workshop based on that feedback.

"In North Carolina, I'll make sure that the folks here get services that they specifically need that may be somewhat different than the ones at NIH," said McNeill. She and Sutphin are setting up additional sessions customized the the needs of NIEHS staff and based on feedback from managers.

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