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Awardee Meeting and National Trainer's Exchange Workshop III Presentations, Documents and Handouts

Worker Education and Training Program
Spring 2000 Awardee Meeting and
National Trainer's Exchange Workshop III
April 9, 2000

Pre-Conference Session Documents:

Pre-Conference Session Descriptions (27KB)

Awardee Meeting Presentations:

NIEHS Worker Training Program After 10 Years: Accomplishments, Challenges and New Directions (142KB)

Steven Deutsch, Labor Education and Research Center, University of Oregon

National Trainer's Exchange Workshop III Handouts:

Interactive Method to Educate about Brownfields (661KB)

The Work Experience of Post-graduate Pre-Apprentices (221KB)

CCC Oil Spill Response Training Overview and Groundrules (351KB)

El Puente Newsletter (521KB)

  Evaluating the Impact of Training: The Trainers Point of View (129KB)

Group Resume Exercise (51KB)

Hazardous Materials Warning Placards and Label Review Exercise (91KB)

Hazardous Waste Worker Course Exam Refresher Review Exercise (427KB)

Hazwoper Jeopardy (64KB)

  Introductory Icebreaker (151KB)

Minority Worker Training Program Data for FY 1996 (288KB) 

New Jersey/New York Environmental Worker Training Consortium 1997 Student Handbook (850KB)

Personal Protective Equipment Workshop Lesson Plan (390KB)

Revising Materials for Workers with Limited Literacy (124KB)

The Game of Hazardous Waste Life (48KB)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Handling All Kinds of Participants (208KB)

Toxic Web Scavenging. A Comprehensive Worker Safety and Health Training Method (106KB)

  Train-the-Trainer Notes (186KB)

  Trainers Challenge Game: Beam Me Up Scotty! (76KB)

Update on NIEHS WETP Brownfields Program (130KB)

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