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Population-based Model Organism Research for G x E Exploration

April 29 - 30, 2021
Virtual Meeting

Project Title Organization Project Leader Grant Number
The Medaka Kiyosu Panel: Dissecting Gxe Effects of Environmental Chemicals European Molecular Biology Laboratory Birney, Ewan 5R01ES029917-03
Genetic Underpinning of Diabetes Associated with Arsenic Exposure University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Pardo-Manuel de Villena, Fernando 5R01ES029925-03
Improved Methods for Inference of Genotype-specific Response to Environmental Toxins Princeton University Ayroles, Julien 5R01ES029929-03
Discovery of Conserved Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Population-wide Variation in Toxin Responses Northwestern University Andersen, Erik Christian 5R01ES029930-03
Chromatin Regions, Genes and Pathways That Confer Susceptibility to Chemical Induced DNA Damage Texas A&M AgriLife Research Rusyn, Ivan 5R01ES029911-03
Genetic Factors That Influence Arsenic Toxicity Jackson Laboratory Churchill, Gary 5R01ES029916-03
Toxicogenomics of Metal Response in Genetically-variable Drosophila Populations University of Kansas Lawrence Macdonald, Stuart John 5R01ES029922-03
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