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Your Environment. Your Health.

At the Crossroads of Exposures, Microbiome, and the Nervous System

September 22-23, 2021
Virtual Event

human silhouette superimposed over the earth showing environmental impact

Meeting Purpose

Event Materials

This was the second in a series of NIEHS cross-divisional workshops on the microbiome. This specific event focused on the interaction among environmental exposures, the human microbiome, and neurological outcomes. Speakers from academic, government, and non-profit institutions were invited to address different aspects of this juncture of research in five distinct sessions that are outlined in the agenda. Afternoon breakout sessions with panel discussions were hosted to further expand upon the themes of day 1 (gut-brain across the lifespan), and day 2 (impact of diet and exposures). Topics explored included, but were not limited to: the developing microbiome, aging, novel technologies, strategies for intervention, the role of nutrition, and the importance of considering environmental exposures. Breakout sessions facilitated participant interaction addressing these key questions and identified critical gaps in this field of research.

The workshop was free and open to the public. Plenary talks, speaker sessions, and breakout sessions were webcast and the synopsis of the first day's meeting was held the morning of the second day.

This workshop was hosted by the NIEHS Microbiome Faculty and Faculty for Advancing Neuroscience.


For questions that can't be answered by the content of this website, please contact Anika L. Dzierlenga, Ph.D. (Chair), or Vicki L. Sutherland, Ph.D. (Co-chair).

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