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Your Environment. Your Health.

EHP Strategic Planning Summit

January 28, February 2, February 5, 2021
Virtual Event

Shaping the Future of Environmental Health Perspectives: Issues and Opportunities

The EHP Strategic Planning Summit explored the futures of the environmental health sciences and scholarly publishing, map a strategy for Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP), and cultivate a more connected and collaborative EHP community.

As scientific publication and the environmental health sciences evolve, what should EHP be focused on? What programs do we need to start or create? What innovations should we consider? Are there opportunities to grow or make progress? What are the essential elements of the journal and what seems less relevant? What new scientific and applied directions are emerging in the environmental health sciences? What contributions can we make in catalyzing the field? These were the kinds of questions we wanted to explore and answer with you.

About EHP

Since its launch in 1972, EHP has established itself as a high-impact, reliable, and trustworthy source of scientific information connecting the environment and human health.

EHP strives to publish the most impactful and dynamic findings from across the diverse disciplines of environmental health science. EHP informs the environmental health research community, administrators, policy makers, advocates, health care professionals, and educators around the world as they work to improve public health.

EHP entered a new phase this year by initiating an editorial model with leadership from outside the NIEHS full-time staff. EHP relies on the volunteer services of our passionate and talented editorial boards, contributors and reviewers, as well as the support and interest from our discerning readers.

Now is the time to bring those diverse partners and stakeholders together - with EHP leaders and staff - to chart the future of EHP's leadership in the environmental health sciences and scholarly publishing.

About the EHP Strategic Planning Summit

The Strategic Planning Summit was a unique opportunity to collaboratively design the future of EHP with a large, diverse group of leaders in the field of environmental health science and scientific publishing. It spanned three days in January and February, 2021, hosted on Zoom, with a wide open, self-organizing format that wasn't anything like the Zoom meetings you're used to.

In the opening hour of the Strategic Planning Summit, you worked with dozens of invited colleagues to craft our strategic agenda for two days of working sessions. Any issue or opportunity that you saw was important to the future of EHP and your work in the environmental health sciences field was on the agenda, if you wanted to put it there. Then, in the following breakout sessions, every issue raised was explored, addressed, prioritized, and included in the reporting that will drive a new, emergent strategic plan and process for EHP.

You had the freedom to move between issues and groups, connecting broadly or diving deeply, to maximize your own learning and contribution. You received the notes from all the working sessions and help set strategic priorities for the next months and years of our work.

EHP Contacts

Joel D. Kaufman, M.D.
Joel D. Kaufman, M.D., M.P.H.
Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Health Perspectives
Tel 206-669-7014
4225 Roosevelt Way Ne, Suite 100 Box 354695
Seattle, WA 98105
Windy A. Boyd, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Windy A. Boyd, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Senior Science Editor, Environmental Health Perspectives

Tel 984-287-3115

P.O. Box 12233

Mail Drop K3-01

Durham, N.C. 27709

Delivery Instructions

Shaun Halloran
Shaun R. Halloran
Chief Operating Officer, Environmental Health Perspectives
Tel 919-541-0367


If you still have questions, please contact Shaun R. Halloran (919-541-0367). For logistical questions, please contact Kerri Voelker (919-794-4710).

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