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Powering Research Through Innovative Methods for Mixtures in Epidemiology (PRIME) Program Meeting

October 14, 2020

14 people sitting at circular table with 1s and 0s as background, seen from above

Meeting Purpose

The Powering Research through Innovative Methods for Mixtures in Epidemiology (PRIME) Program addresses the complex issues involved in studying chemical mixtures and their effects on human health. PRIME encourages team science for the development of innovative statistical approaches that may offer better solutions compared to traditional methodologies. The first PRIME grantee meeting brought together PRIME grantees and related experts of the scientific community to discuss work in progress and opportunities for collaboration and innovation. This second grantee meeting will include presentations of project updates from PRIME grantees, discussions, poster presentations, and highlights from trainees.

PRIME Program Goals

  1. Enable creative statistical approaches that evaluate the combined effect of a mixture as well as the independent effects of exposures on health outcomes.
  2. Comparing existing and novel approaches to identify the strengths and weaknesses across methods for various exposure and disease contexts.
  3. Incorporate information on chemical toxicity to provide biological context for exposures.
  4. Integrate the timing of exposures such as critical windows of development when individuals may be more susceptible.
  5. Develop informatic tools/software for broad implementation of methods.
  6. Provide resources for the research community including publications, webinars, example datasets, and training.

2020 Meeting Goals

The 2020 meeting goals build on the 2019 meeting goals.

  1. Share updates from each PRIME project developing unique methods to analyze complex environmental mixtures.
  2. Strategize and reach consensus on a plan to share information (data, code, training) across PRIME projects.
  3. Discuss and reach consensus on a plan to compare methods across projects using shared datasets.
  4. Outline the development of resources to be shared with the larger environmental health community.


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