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Your Environment. Your Health.

Calcium Signaling: From Stores To Channels

July 31 - August 3, 2016

Carolina Inn 2016 Event

Conference Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Gary Bird (NIEHS, NIH) - Chair
  • Dr. Mohamed Trebak (Penn State University) - Treasurer
  • Dr. Indu Ambudkar (NIDCR, NIH)
  • Dr. John Cidlowski (NIEHS, NIH)
  • Dr. Donald Gill (Penn State University)
  • Dr. Shmuel Muallem (NIDCR, NIH)
  • Dr. Anant Parekh (Oxford University, UK)

Conference Sessions

Monday August 1st

Session 1: Ca2+ Release channels: Chair, Tullio Pozzan
  • Katsuhiko Mikoshiba
  • Susan Hamilton
  • Colin Taylor
Session 2: Calcium Oscillations: Chair, : Michael Berridge
  • Gary Bird
  • Ian Parker
  • Anant Parekh
Session 3: Ca2+ Entry Channels I: Chair, Ole Petersen
  • Reinhold Penner
  • Murali Prakriya
  • Indu Ambudkar
Session 4: Ca2+ Entry Channels II: Chair: Robin Irvine
  • Stephen Long
  • Trevor Shuttleworth
  • Rich Lewis

Tuesday August 2nd

Session 5: STIM Proteins: Chair, Alexi Tepikin
  • Mitsu Ikura
  • Shmuel Muallem
  • Don Gill
Session 6: TRP Channels: Chair, Lutz Birnbaumer
  • Craig Montell
  • Veit Flockerzie
  • Thomas Gudermann
Session 7: SOCE: Physiology: Chair, John Cidlowski
  • Jim Putney
  • Tobias Meyer
  • Mike Cahalan
Session 8: SOCE: Physiology & Disease: Chair, Anjana Rao
  • Patrick Hogan
  • Mohamed Trebak
  • Stefan Feske
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