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Advancing Research on Mixtures: New Perspectives and Approaches for Predicting Adverse Human Health Effects

September 27-28, 2011
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Advancing Research on Mixtures Logo

Workshop Goals

The goal of the NIEHS Mixtures Workshop is to identify and focus on key issues that present challenges in mixtures research (for this workshop, "mixtures" includes combined independent exposures). The NIEHS will use the results from the workshop to inform the development of an intramural and extramural mixtures research strategy. This workshop will also provide input to the scientific community for advancing mixtures research.

Specifically, this workshop will:

  • Identify and prioritize the knowledge gaps and challenges in mixtures research specific to each of the following disciplines: toxicology, epidemiology, exposure science, risk assessment, and statistics
  • Obtain advice on integrating multidisciplinary capabilities to address critical topics in mixtures research (see topics below)
  • Provide recommendations for research on key topics
  • Inform the development of a long-term NIEHS mixtures research agenda
  • Foster collaborations between extramural and NIEHS scientists

Workshop Product

Discussions from the workshop will be captured in a manuscript in the peer-reviewed literature. This manuscript will describe suggestions for future directions in mixtures research for both NIEHS scientists and the broader research community.


Danielle Carlin, Ph.D.
Danielle J. Carlin, Ph.D.
Health Scientist Administrator

Tel 984-287-3244
Superfund Research Program
Center for Risk & Integrated Sciences
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Cynthia Rider, Ph.D.
Cynthia V. Rider, Ph.D.

Tel 984-287-3175
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