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Role of Inflammation in Chronic Disease

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Janice Allen, Ph.D.

Janice Allen, Ph.D.

Audience: Undergraduates, graduate students, and community organizations

Janice Allen, Ph.D., is a Scientific Review Officer at NIEHS, and is responsible for the initial administrative, scientific and technical review of research grant applications and contracts assigned to the NIEHS. She selects outside consultants (or reviewers) on the basis of needed scientific expertise and who currently have peer-reviewed grants. She provides a wide variety of information to applicants and reviewers, and prepares summary statements of review committee findings and recommendations. She assures that a uniform interpretation of NIH Grants policies and procedures is given both to applicants and review consultants, attends NIH council meetings and national scientific conferences, and collaborates with NIH staff for support, review, development, formulation, and implementation of NIEHSís programmatic procedures, operations and related administrative activities. She also enjoys talking to students and potential grantees about the granting process and environmental issues.

She received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Biology at UNC-Chapel Hill and her Ph.D. at the NCSU-College of Veterinary Medicine in Cell Biology and Biotechnology. Prior to coming to the NIEHS Division of Extramural Research and Training, Allen was research faculty at the NCSU Vet school and a grantee of the National Eye Institute, NSF and the NC Biotechnology

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Our speakers can travel up to 50 miles from the NIEHS campus in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Please allow at least four weeks to make arrangements.