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Diversity Speaker Series

diverse crowd

Launched in February 2018, the Diversity Speaker Series is designed to recognize and acknowledge the Special Emphasis Portfolios, as designed by the NIH Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and to place special emphasis on positive, equitable, and inclusive employment experiences for federally identified and underrepresented groups. Through this speaker series, we hope to provide educational and cultural/sensitivity awareness opportunities for NIEHS and surrounding communities.

Recognition Months and Special Emphasis Portfolios

Each group has a traditional month for recognition. Speakers are invited to present their work and/or their story with focus on the identified portfolio during the associated month.

Month Recognition Special Emphasis Portfolio
February Black History Month Black/African Americans
March Women’s History Month Women
May Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders Heritage Month Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders
June Pride Month Sexual and Gender Minorities/LGBTQIA


Hispanic Heritage Month Hispanics
October National Disability Employment Awareness Month People with Disabilities
November Native American
Heritage Month
Native Americans

Speakers from any background, culture, or walk of life can also be invited at any time of year. Recognition, acknowledgement, and celebration are everyday events!

Previous Speakers

Date Presentation Title Speakers Affiliation Recognition
June 22, 2023 2023 NIEHS Diversity Speaker Series – Honoring Pride Month Mallory Choudoir, Ph.D.;
Cameron Kim, Ph.D.;
Carmen Williams, Ph.D.
North Carolina State University;
Duke University;
Pride Month
May 24, 2023 2023 NIEHS Diversity Speaker Series: Honoring Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month Rosie Alegado, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Oceanography and Hawaii Sea Grant; Investigator, Center for Microbial Oceanography; Research and Education; University of Hawaii at Manoa Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders Heritage Month
March 13, 2023 2023 NIEHS Spirit Lecture: Celebrating a Life of Unexptected Opportunities Vivian W. Pinn, M.D. Senior Scientist Emerita, Fogarty International Center, NIH; Founding Director (Retired), NIH Office of Research on Women's Health Women’s History Month, Spirit Lecture
February 23, 2023 2023 NIEHS OSED Diversity Speaker Series: From Trying to Better Treat Pancreatic Cancer to Helping Diversify STEM: The Journey of an HBCU Grad Antonio Baines Associate Professor Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, Cancer Research Program, JLC-Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute, North Carolina Central University Black History Month
October 24, 2022 NIEHS Diversity Speaker Series: An Introduction to Ableism David Rice NIH Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion National Disability Employement Awareness Month
October 18, 2022 NIEHS Diversity Speaker Series: The Intersection Between Biography and Research: My Academic Journey Fernando Rivera Puerto Rico Research Hub, University of Central Florida Hispanic Heritage Month
July 21, 2022 2022 NIEHS Diversity Speaker Series: Showing Up Whole: Pauli Murray's Courageous Life Barbara Lau Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice Pride Month

Older videos can be found in the Diversity Speakers Series video collection.


Ericka Reid
Ericka L. Reid, Ph.D., M.Ed.
Director, Office of Science Education & Diversity
Tel 984-287-3789
P.O. Box 12233
Mail Drop B2-06
Durham, N.C. 27709
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