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Licensing Opportunities

Technology Transfer

The inventions created in NIEHS laboratories may be transferred to the private sector for further research and development, and eventual commercialization through licenses. A company may acquire any of the following licenses:

  • Unpatented Material
  • Patented Material
  • Patent-pending Material
  • Commercial Evaluation
  • Biological Materials
  • Exclusive/Nonexclusive

NIEHS Technologies Available for License & Collaborative Development

Antibody Estrogen Receptor (ER) alpha P2 and P3, ER gamma Polyclonal Abs ES-079
Rabbit Antibodies to Mouse and Human Lactoferrin and C3 ES-081
Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to Nitrone Spin Trap 5,5-dimethyl-1-pyrroline N-oxide (DMPO) ES-086
Monoclonal Antibody to Human DNA Polymerase Beta ES-100
Polyclonal Antibodies to Ser 134 Phosphorylated form of the Human Glucocorticoid Receptor ES-107
Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies to Human Tristetraprolin (TTP) ES-112
Monoclonal Antibodies Inhibitory to Human CYP2J2 ES-116
Polyclonal Antibodies to Human CYP2J and CYP2C ES-117
Antibody to pro-peptide of NSAID-activated Gene (NAG-1)/GDF-15 ES-125
Cells Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cells Expressing Retinoid Orphan Receptor (ROR)γ and Luciferase Reporter ES-108
Methods & Reagents Transformation Associated Recombination System in Yeast for Specific Cloning of DNAs as Yeast Artificial Chromosomes ES-017
Rapid, Efficient In Vivo site-Directed Mutagenesis Using Oligonucleotides ES-054
Mouse Lactoferrin ES-081
An Efficient and Cost-Effective Assay for Genotyping Mice using Melting Curve Analysis ES-114
Human CYP2J and CYP2C ES-117
Purified Human DNA Polymerase G ES-120
Fluorescent Intracellular Calcium Indicators ES-124
Mouse Models Estrogen Receptor (ER)-alpha & ER-beta KO Mice ES-002
Mouse Model for Early Onset Cataract ES-066
Mouse Expressing Enhanced Signaling for Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP): A Model for Human Disease ES-102
Knock-In mouse and Embryonic Stem Cells Expressing Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF) ES-109
Transgenic Mouse Expressing Human Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-activated Gene  (NAG-1) ES-110
Retinoid Orphan Receptor (ROR)γ Deficient Mice ES-113
Mouse Strain with Conditional Deletion of SMAD7 gene ES-115
Transgenic Mouse with Cre recombinase Expressed in Spermatogenic cells under Regulation of the Hspa2 Gene Promoter ES-118
Heat-shock Protein  A2 (Hspa2) Knock-out Mouse for Study of Spermatogenesis and Male Infertility ES-119
GLI-Similar 3 (GLIS3) KO Mice and Mice in which GLIS3 is KO in Selective Tissues ES-121
Therapeutics Antagonists of Hyaluronan Signaling for Treatment of Airway inflammation and Hyperresponsiveness ES-126
Anti-inflammatory Actions of Cytochrome P450 Epoxygenase-Derived Eicosanoids ES-039
Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Hydrocephalus ES-064
Novel Methods for Reducing Inflammation and Treating Diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease ES-078
Target for Development of Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Abnormal Hematopoiesis ES-095
Lrch4 - a Novel Regulator of Inflammation ES-122
Functional Blockade of Inter-alpha-trypsin Inhibitor to Reduce Ariway Hyperreactivity in Environmental and Chronic Respiratory Diseases ES-123

* For description of these technologies please go to the NIH-OTT database or contact the NIEHS-OTT for any additional information.

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