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Technology Transfer

The NIEHS Office of Technology Transfer (NIEHS-OTT) is the main point of contact for researchers wishing to obtain NIEHS-created research tools and data (Materials), or to share their Materials with NIEHS researchers.

The primary mission of this office is to enable NIEHS intramural researchers to more effectively interact with their counterparts — in academia, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector, such as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies — to establish collaborative relationships that will benefit human health. These partnerships will further develop existing technologies, or create new technologies.

To this end, NIEHS-OTT negotiates Cooperative Research Development Agreements (CRADAs), Research Collaboration Agreements (RCAs), Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and other legal agreements on behalf of NIEHS. The office acts as the contact point within the institute for all new inventions made by NIEHS intramural researchers, and is charged with protecting the institute’s Intellectual Property interests. NIEHS-OTT advises the Scientific Director and intramural investigators on issues relating to copyrights, patents, and intellectual property.

Researchers interested in obtaining NIEHS Materials or developing collaborations with NIEHS scientists should first contact NIEHS-OTT. We will assist you in contacting the appropriate investigator to determine the availability of the Materials. We may also provide forms and answer questions, at your request. Please see Licensing Opportunities for available technology.

Sharon Soucek
Sharon Soucek, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Technology Transfer

Tel 984-287-4152
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