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Office of Science Innovation

The Office of Science Innovation (OSI) catalyzes new strategic research opportunities and partnerships, establishes momentum for collaborative efforts, and stimulates innovative thinking to promote the vision and mission of the institute.

In strong collaboration with the NIEHS Leadership, OSI leads the development of strategic frameworks for scientific initiatives that are in alignment with the vision of the NIEHS Director and Deputy Director and supports the NIEHS scientific priorities as articulated in the Strategic Plan. Collaboration and consultation with the NIEHS Senior Leadership Committee, NIH, and other federal agencies is essential to the success of many scientific strategies in the environmental health sciences.

The OSI provides coordination for collaborative efforts by creating conditions for interpersonal dialogue that promotes effective collaboration. OSI uses mutual learning as our foundation for communication.


L. Michelle Bennett
L Michelle Bennett, Ph.D.
Contractor — Senior Advisor for Strategic Initiatives;
Director, Office of Science Innovation

Tel 301-496-9613

Office of Science Innovation Staff

Alexandra T. Law
Alexandra T. Law, Ph.D.
Contractor — Scientific Program Analyst

Tel 919-717-3998
Beth Perry
Beth M. Perry
Contractor — Program Manager

Tel 984-287-3220
Tina M. Loos
Tina M. Loos
Program Specialist, Immediate Office of the Director

Tel 984-287-4429
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