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Remote Access for Staff

Remote access provides the ability to access a computer or a network from a remote location. For example, remote access provides support to individuals who participate in telecommuting/teleworking programs or individuals who need to access the network while on travel. It is an important aspect of many NIEHS staff members requirements.

Network Account Problems?

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Remote Access Options at NIEHS

The Computer Technology Branch understands that there is not a one-size-fits all approach when it comes to accessing your government information remotely. That is why we support a variety of different remote access options. Each option has its own benefits, as described in the matrix below. For more information about each option, please click on the name of the option.

Remote Access Option Required Training Certification Requirements Approved Device Usage Access Connection Speed/ Reliability
Email Access - No Internet Access Any device, personal or federal Only government email *****
Journal Access for Staff No Internet Access. NIH Library proxy server . Click the Next button in the Use NIH credentials box. The usual blue NIH login window will open. Enter in your User Name and Password, click Log in. Once you log in, the window will open the NIH Library home page. Under Quick Links, on the left hand navigation, are links to the Online Databases and Online Journals. Any device, personal or federal Any device, personal or federal *****
Citrix No
  • Citrix client 
    (available at Citrix)
  • Internet Access
Any Citrix compatible device, personal or federal Most functionality of your office workstation including email, Junction, file share access, full MS Office suite, some scientific software **
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Yes
  • Cisco AnyConnect software
  • PIV Card
  • PIV Card Reader
  • Internet Access
A government furnished computer (GFE) or contractor furnished computer (CFE) All functionality of your office workstation ***

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