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Submit a FOIA Request

Submission Instructions

You may complete the online form below or make a request by mail or fax.

FOIA Coordinator, NIEHS
P.O. Box 12233
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Delivery Instructions
Fax 301-480-3371

NIEHS and NTP Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Form

All required fields have the word (Required) after the label.

Enter "Individual" if not submitting for an organization.
Please list, as clearly as possible, the name of the document(s), the type of document(s), and any other specifics you may have that will identify the documents you seek. Any facts you can furnish about the time, authors, events, subjects, and other details of the documents will be helpful.
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Payment of fees (Optional) Please select the amount you are willing to reimburse the agency for fees incurred which exceed $25.00
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