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Your Environment. Your Health.

Technical Workshop Presentations

Worker Education and Training Program
Spring 2006 Awardee Meeting and Technical Workshop

Learning from Disasters:
Health and Safety Training in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina


Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Overview of Katrina Deployment to Date

Joseph "Chip" Hughes, and Jim Remington, NIEHS



Panel 1 - Lessons Learned in Mississippi

No Presentations Available


Panel 2 - Lessons learned in Louisiana

Lessons Learned In Louisiana Hurricane Katrina / Rita Response(922KB)

Skip Weisberg, U.S. EPA, Region 3


Protecting Workers During Recovery and Rebuilding(885KB)

Jennifer Hornsby-Myers, NIOSH


Panel 3 - Lessons learned Working with Displaced Residents

Lessons Learned Working with Displaced Residents(284KB)

Sharon Beard and Patricia Thompson, NIEHS


Lessons Learned Working with Displaced Residents(564KB)

Dr. Beverly Wright, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice at Dillard University


Environmental Job Training(276KB)

Daisy Kathleen Curry, J.D., U.S. EPA, Region 4


Learning from Disasters: Health and Safety Training(247KB)

Mark Holdbrooks, OAI, Inc.


Panel 4 - Lessons learned from Partnerships in the Field

Boat People SOS(962KB)

Hien Phan, Boat People SOS


Latino Immigrant Workers in The Gulf Coast After Katrina(523KB)

Tomas Aguilar, UCLA-LOSH


Panel 5 - Working with OSHA on Disaster Response

Emergency Response Worker Health & Safety Training(593KB)

Ken Atha, OSHA Mobile Area Office


Worker Health and Safety in Emergency Response Katrina, Rita, Wilma(180KB)

John Ferris, OSHA, Directorate of Science, Technology and Medicine



Thought Stimulators(126KB)


Thursday, March 9, 2006

Report Back From Breakout Sessions

Moderator: Patricia Thompson, NIEHS



Panel 6 - Future Disaster Planning (All-Hazards) Panel

Disaster Training NETC - EMI(1006KB)

Richard Sexton, DHS, National Emergency Training Center, Emergency Management Institute


Disaster Responder Training(3MB)

Judy Reilly, FEMA


Training Strategy(85KB)

Elizabeth Harman, IAFF