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Technical Workshop Presentations

Worker Education and Training Program
Spring 2001 Technical Workshop
April 17, 2001
Chicago, Illinois

Best Practices for Worker Training

Presentations: Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Henry Payne, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)


Keynote Presentations(466KB)  
Anne Sassaman, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)


Overview, Background and Program History of NIEHS and OSHA Training Grants(63KB)  
Ronald Mouw, OSHA
Marianne Brown, University of California Los Angeles
James M. Warren, Laborers-AGC Education and Training Fund (L-AGC)


Introduction to the Four Mini-Symposiums - Charge to the Participants(20KB)  
Donald Elisburg, NIEHS Clearinghouse


Presentations: Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Symposium 1: Core Concerns(365KB)  
Judy Jarrell, OSHA
David Treanor, NIEHS/International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)


NIEHS Minimum Criteria(32KB)  
Richard Dwyer, NIEHS/New York-New Jersey Consortium


Model Curricula Development(47KB)
Craig Slatin, NIEHS/Department of Health and Clinical Sciences University University of Massachusetts Lowell


Quality Assurance and Training Evaluation(893KB)  
Thomas McQuiston, Tobi Lippin, NIEHS/Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical & Energy Workers International Union (PACE)
Teresea Madden_Thompson, OSHA Southwest Education Center
Janis Heple, NIEHS/University of California Davis


Employer Partnerships(544KB)  
Don Ellenberger, NIEHS/Training Manager The Center to Protect Workers' Rights


Joint Funding with other Agencies: Superfund, JTI, Brownfields and DOE - Part 1(16KB)
Joint Funding with other Agencies: Superfund, JTI, Brownfields and DOE - Part 2(255KB)
Joint Funding with other Agencies: Superfund, JTI, Brownfields and DOE - Part 3(462KB)
Myra Blakely, L-AGC
Marian Flum, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Symposium III: Skill Enhancements(150KB)
Tom Broderick, OSHA
Sharon Beard, NIEHS/Industrial Hygienist


Instrumental Enrichment Integrated with Hazwoper Training(235KB)
James Kinard, NIEHS/DePaul University


Career Path Development(192KB)
Donna Gross McDaniel, Program Administrator, L-AGC


Job Skills and Life Skills(671KB)  
James Kojo Livingston, NIEHS/Xavier University


Trainee and Graduate Tracking(1MB)  
Cindy Herleikson, NIEHS/L-AGC


Symposium IV: Use of Advanced Training Technology(1MB)  
Scott MacKay, OSHA/Director, University of Washington Region X, OTI Education
Scott Solomon, NIEHS/Director, International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)


Distance Learning Overview(242KB)
Distance Learning Overview Part 2(35KB)
Henry Payne, OSHA/Director, Office of Training and Education


Worker Training in a Digital World, OSHA Specific(155KB)
MaryAnn Garrahan, OSHA/Team Leader US Department of Labor


Smart Classrooms(371KB) Michael Glassic, L-AGC


Hands On Issues(1MB)
Doug Feil, OSHA/NIEHS/Hazardous Materials Training and Research Institute (HMTRI) Community College Consortium


Lessons from the Lessons Learned Workshop 1(42KB)
Lessons from the Lessons Learned Workshop 2(37KB)
Brenda Cantrell, NIEHS/OSHA/Program Director Rail Workers Hazardous Materials Training Program Geroge Meany Center-National Labor College


The NIEHS Guidance Document for Developing an ATT Program(99KB)
Donald Elisberg, NIEHS/Clearinghouse


Presentations: Thursday, April 19, 2001

Wrap up Plenary: Overview Reports on the Mini- Seminar Sessions(20KB)
John Moran, NIEHS/Clearinghouse

Closing Plenary: Overview Reports on the Mini- Seminar Sessions(39KB)
Joseph Hughes, Jr.,, NIEHS
Henry Payne,, OSHA