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Inflammation and the Environment: The Role of the Mitochondrion and Energy Metabolism

June 20, 2016

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Meeting Purpose

The purpose of this Workshop was to review and critically examine emerging insights into how mitochondria and energy metabolism initiate and program inflammation, and how these fundamental mechanisms can be better integrated into and investigated within the environmental health sciences in general, and NIEHS specifically. Through a combination of talks by leading experts, panel discussions, and breakout sessions by focus groups, we examined the current state of science in these areas, identified and prioritized opportunities for translation to environmental health science, and identified key expertise and resources within the Divisions of the NIEHS that can be better leveraged to advance these aims in pursuit of the NIEHS Strategic Plan. Potential outcomes of this Workshop included: i) a position paper identifying priorities for advancing the study of mitochondria and energy metabolism in inflammation and inflammatory diseases induced by the environment; ii) concrete plans for new Trans-Divisional infrastructure (e.g., interest groups, seminar series, biobanks) to advance these studies; iii) new Trans-Divisional research collaborations; iv) identification of novel mitochondrial/metabolic biomarkers of inflammatory risk; and v) identification of model systems for addressing mitochondria and energy metabolism as cellular mechanisms in toxicology. These objectives will foreseeably enhance NIEHS science, advance Institute efficiencies toward the NIEHS Strategic Plan, and potentially create new opportunities for Trans-IC collaboration.

Meeting Agenda

The Final Agenda(75KB) is now available.

Keynote Speakers

Augustine Choi, MD
Chairman, Department of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine
"Roles for Mitochondria in Activation of the Inflammasome" 

Peter Tontonoz, MD, PhD
Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UCLA
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
"Nuclear Receptors and Lipid Homeostasis in Programming of Inflammation"


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