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Your Environment. Your Health.

Connecting Research and Practice: A Dialogue between ATSDR and the NIEHS Superfund Research Program

August 7-8, 2012

This event fostered collaborative research, engagement, and translation between Superfund Research Program and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to maximize the positive effect of research dollars on environmental public health.    

Presentations and related discussions provided opportunities for ATSDR personnel to learn about cutting-edge research from scientists across the SRP, while SRP researchers learned more about ATSDR’s Superfund-related research and informational needs. There were four two-hour sessions, addressing:

  • Emerging Contaminants
  • Legacy Contaminants
  • Environmental Fate and Transport
  • Engaging Communities around Contaminated Sites

There was also be a poster session during which SRP researchers highlighted research updates and universities presented their SRP Centers’ research and engagement activities.

Meeting Documents: