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Budget Authority by Object Class

Fiscal Year 2015 Superfund Budget

(Dollars in Thousands)

Footnote: 1

 FY 2014
FY 2015
FY 2015
FY 2014
 Total compensable workyears:   
 Full-time employment000
 Full-time equivalent of overtime and holiday hours000
 Average ES salary$0$0$0
 Average GM/GS grade0.00.00.0
 Average GM/GS salary$0$0$0
 Average salary, grade established by act of July 1, 1944
(42.U.S.C 207)
 Average salary of ungraded positions$0$0$0
 Personnel Compensation   
11.1Full-Time Permanent$966$975$9
11.3Other Than Full-Time Permanent2302333
11.5Other Personnel Compensation12120
11.7Military Personnel000
11.8Special Personnel Services Payments000
11.9Subtotal Personnel Compensation$1,208$1,220$12
12.1Civilian Personnel Benefits$349$361$12
12.2Military Personnel Benefits000
13.0Benefits to Former Personnel000
 Subtotal Pay Costs$1,557$1,581$24
21.0Travel & Transportation of Persons$139$140$1
22.0Transportation of Things000
23.1Rental Payments to GSA000
23.2Rental Payments to Others000
23.3Communications, Utilities and Miscellaneous Charges000
24.0Printing & Reproduction000
25.1Consulting Services$31$32$1
25.2Other Services2002044
25.3Purchase of goods and services from government accounts2,0262,0359
25.4Operation & Maintenance of Facilities$0$0$0
25.5R&D Contracts000
25.6Medical Care000
25.7Operation & Maintenance of Equipment000
25.8Subsistence & Support of Persons000
25.0Subtotal Other Contractual Services$2,257$2,271$14
26.0Supplies & Materials$2$2$0
32.0Land and Structures000
33.0Investments & Loans000
41.0Grants, Subsidies & Contributions73,38973,350-39
42.0Insurance Claims & Indemnities000
43.0Interest & Dividends000
 Subtotal Non-Pay Costs$75,792$75,768-$24
 Total Budget Authority by Object Class$77,349$77,349$0

 1 Includes FTEs whose payroll obligations are supported by the NIH Common Fund.

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