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Amounts Available for Obligation

Fiscal Year 2014 Budget

(Dollars in Thousands)

Footnote: 1

Source of FundingFY 2012
FY 2013
FY 2014
Subtotal, adjusted appropriation685,571689,767691,348
Real transfer under Secretary's transfer authority(195)00
Secretary's Transfer for Alzheimer's disease (AD)(452)00
Secretary's Transfer for AIDS authorized by PL 112-74, Section 206000
Comparative Transfers to NLM for NCBI and Public Access(626)(812)0
Subtotal, adjusted budget authority684,297688,955691,348
Unobligated balance, start of year000
Unobligated balance, end of year000
Subtotal, adjusted budget authority684,297688,955691,348
Unobligated balance lapsing(107)00
Total obligations$684,190$688,955$691,348

 1 Excludes the following amounts for reimbursable activities carried out by this account:

  • FY 2012 - $1,288,000 FY 2013 - $1,293,000 FY 2014 - $1,293,000
  • Excludes $293 in FY2012 and $357 in FY2013 for royalties.

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