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Salaries & Expenses

Fiscal Year 2013 Budget

(Dollars in Thousands)



Object ClassesFY 2012
FY 2013
Increase or
Personnel Compensation:   
    Full-Time Permanent (11.1)$41,092$40,720($272)
        Other Than Full-Time Permanent (11.3)20,74420,738(6)
        Other Personnel Compensation (11.5)1,3741,3740
        Military Personnel (11.7)1,0631,07916
        Special Personnel Services Payments (11.8)9,1879,182(5)
Total Personnel Compensation (11.9)$73,460$73,193($267)
Civilian Personnel Benefits (12.1)$19,083$19,015($68)
Military Personnel Benefits (12.2)837834(3)
Benefits to Former Personnel (13.0)000
Subtotal, Pay Costs$93,380$93,042($338)
Travel (21.0)$2,042$1,775($267)
Transportation of Things (22.0)3933930
Rental Payments to Others (23.2)29290
Communications, utilities and miscellaneous charges (23.3)1,0511,0510
Printing and Reproduction (24.0)54540
Other Contractual Services:   
    Advisory and Assistance Services (25.1)8598590
    Other Services (25.2)31,50731,622115
    Purchases from Govt. Accounts (25.3)70,33970,190(149)
    Operation & Maintenance of Facilities (25.4)4,2064,2060
    Operation & Maintenance of Equipment (25.7)63,2096,495(114)
    Subsistence & Support of Persons (25.8)000
Subtotal Other Contractual Services$110,520$110,372($148)
Supplies and Materials (26.0)$11,488$11,445($43)
Subtotal, Non-Pay Costs$12,5577$125,119($458)
Total, Administrative Costs$218,957$218,161($796)

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