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Your Environment. Your Health.

Budget Authority by Activity

Fiscal Year 2013 Budget

(Dollars in Thousands)

 FY 2011
FY 2012
FY 2013
Change vs.
FY2012 Enacted
Extramural ResearchFTEsAmountFTEsAmountFTEsAmountFTEs Amount
Clinical and Translational Research:
 Bench to Bedside to Public Health
 181,021 192,978 202,131 9,153
Toxicity Testing and Evaluation 88,887 89,122 88,943 (179)
Basic Mechanisms in Human Biology 135,975 128,557 126,799 (1,758)
Exposure Biology/ Exposure Measurement 32,998 30,712 23,110 (7,602)
Pathways for Future Environmental Health Scientists 35,157 34,842 34,503 (339)
     Subtotal, Extramural





Intramural research537$184,771537$184,771531$184,771(6)0
Res. management & support139$23,773139$23,773138$23,773(1)0

1. Includes FTEs which are reimbursed from the NIH Common Fund.

2. Includes Real Transfers and Comparable Adjustments as detailed in the "Amounts Available for Obligation" table.

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