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Major Changes in Budget Request

Fiscal Year 2012 Superfund Budget


Major changes by budget mechanism and/or budget program detail are briefly described below.  Note that there may be overlap between budget mechanism and activity detail and these highlights will not sum to the total change for the FY 2012 budget request for NIEHS Superfund, which is $1.873 million more than the FY 2010 level, for a total of $81.085 million.


Research Project Grants (RPGs) ($1.391 million; total $48.894 million):  NIEHS will support a total of 29 RPG awards in FY 2012.  Noncompeting RPGs will increase by 2 awards and $11.580 million from the FY 2010 level.  Competing RPGs will decrease by 2 awards and $4.310 million. 


Research and Development Contracts (-$0.400 million; total $1.056 million):  Superfund Research Program training carried out via an Interagency Agreement with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) will be limited to the most relevant training.  Cost effective methods such as distance learning and on-line course offerings are also being explored.

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