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Budget Authority by Object

Fiscal Year 2012 Budget


 (Dollars in Thousands)

 FY 2010 EstimateFY 2011 PBIncrease or DecreasePercent Change
Total compensable workyears:    
Full-time employment66666710.2%
Full-time equivalent of overtime and holiday hours1100.0%
Average ES salary$0$165,300$165,3000.0%
Average GM/GS grade11.411.40.00.0%
Average GM/GS salary$83,516$85,019$1,5031.8%
Average salary, grade established by act of July 1, 1944 (42 U.S.C. 207)$94,561$96,074$1,513$1.6%
Average salary of ungraded positions124,624126,2721,6481.3%
Object ClassesFY 2010 EstimateFY 2011 EstimateIncrease or DecreaseIncrease or Decrease
Personnel Compensation:    
11.1 Full-time permanent$40,502$41,127$6251.5%
11.3 Other than full-time permanent19,68619,757710.4%
11.5 Other personnel compensation1,2911,310191.5%
11.7 Military personnel921958374.0%
11.8 Special personnel services payments9,9279,93030.0%
     Total, Personnel Compensation$72,327$73,082$7551.0%
12.0 Personnel benefits$18,098$18,306$2081.1%
12.2 Military personnel benefits820834141.7%
13.0 Benefits for former personnel0000.0%
     Subtotal, Pay Costs$91,245$92,222$9771.1%
21.0 Travel and transportation of persons$2,198$2,584$38617.6%
22.0 Transportation of things53363510219.1%
23.1 Rental payments to GSA0000.0%
23.2 Rental payments to others66791319.7%
23.3 Communications, utilities and miscellaneous charges1,0791,29321419.8%
24.0 Printing and reproduction5261917.3%
25.1 Consulting services1,0801,146666.1%
25.2 Other services34,76633,025(1,741)-5.0%
25.3 Purchase of goods and services from government accounts100,904110,1959,2919.2%
25.4 Operation and maintenance of facilities5,1136,1341,02120.0%
25.5 Research and development contracts96,26388,765(7,498)-7.8%
25.6 Medical care1291552620.2%
25.7 Operation and maintenance of equipment4,0004,79579519.9%
25.8 Subsistence and support of persons0000.0%
25.0 Subtotal, Other Contractual Services$242,255$244,215$1,9600.8%
26.0 Supplies and materials12,600$15,098$2,49819.8%
31.0 Equipment9,06110,8621,80119.9%
32.0 Land and structures0000.0%
33.0 Investments and loans0000.0%
41.0 Grants, subsidies and contributions330,355333,4863,1310.9%
42.0 Insurance claims and indemnities0000.0%
43.0 Interest and dividends2200.0%
44.0 Refunds0000.0%
     Subtotal, Non-Pay Costs$598,201$608,315$10,1141.7%
     Total Budget Authority by Object$689,446$700,537$11,0911.6%


Includes FTEs which are reimbursed from the NIH Common Fund for Medical Research.