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Summary of Changes

Fiscal Year 2011 Superfund Budget

FY 2010 estimate$79,212,000
FY 2011 estimated budget authority81,763,000
     Net change2,551,000
CHANGES2010 Current Estimate BaseChange from Base
Budget AuthorityBudget Authority
A. Built-in:No. No. 
   1.Research management and support:    
      a. Annualization of January 2010 pay increase; $1,266,000 $8,000
     b. January FY 2011 pay increase 1,266,000 13,000
     c. Zero less days of pay (n/a for 2011) 1,266,000 0
     d. Payment for centrally furnished services 34,000 1,000
     e. Increased cost of laboratory supplies, materials, and other expenses 2,360,000 38,000
Subtotal   60,000
Subtotal, Built-in   60,000
   1. Research project grants:    
     a. Noncompeting15$33,469,000(2)$1,153,000
     b. Competing412,114,0000363,000
     c. SBIR/STTR142,120,000060,000
   2. Other research1826,393,0000792,000
   3. Research and development contracts11,456,00000
Subtotal, extramural   2,368,000
  4. Research management and support 3,660,000 123,000
Subtotal, program 79,212,000 2,491,000
Total changes   2,551,000

FTEs are included with the regular NIEHS appropriation.

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