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Salaries & Expenses

Fiscal Year 2011 Budget

Object ClassesFY 2010
FY 2011
Increase or
Personnel Compensation:   
Full-Time Permanent (11.1)$40,514,000$42,960,000 $2,446,000
Other Than Full-Time Permanent (11.3)19,247,00020,457,0001,210,000
Other Personnel Compensation (11.5)1,219,0001,369,00078,000
Military Personnel (11.7)762,000810,00048,000
Special Personnel Services Payments (11.8)10,249,00010,901,000652,000
Total Personnel Compensation (11.9)72,063,00076,497,0004,434,000
Civilian Personnel Benefits (12.1)16,984,00018,028,0001,044,000
Military Personnel Benefits (12.2)449,000478,00029,000
Benefits to Former Personnel (13.0)000
Subtotal, Pay Costs89,496,00095,003,0005,507,000
Travel (21.0)2,048,0002,098,00050,000
Transportation of Things (22.0)450,000452,0002,000
Rental Payments to Others (23.2)82,00085,00032,000
Communications, Utilities and Miscellaneous Charges (23.3)1,095,0001,099,0004,000
Printing and Reproduction (24.0)77,00081,0004,000
Other Contractual Services:   
Advisory and Assistance Services (25.1)472,000486,00014,000
Other Services (25.2)32,874,00033,347,000473,000
Purchases from Govt. Accounts (25.3)65,030,00065,983,000953,000
Operation & Maintenance of Facilities (25.4)2,868,0002,878,00010,000
Operation & Maintenance of Equipment (25.7)2,564,0002,573,0009,000
Subsistence & Support of Persons (25.8)000
Subtotal Other Contractual Services103,808,000105,267,0001,459,000
Supplies and Materials (26.0)12,784,00012,836,00052,000
Subtotal, Non-Pay Costs120,344,000121,918,0001,574,000
Total, Administrative Costs209,840,000216,921,0007,081,000
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