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Major Changes in Budget Request

FY 2010 Budget

Major changes by budget mechanism and/or budget program detail are briefly described below. Note that there may be overlap between budget mechanism and activity detail and these highlights will not sum to the total change for the FY 2010 budget request for NIEHS, which is $21.437 million more than the FY 2009 Omnibus level, for a total of $684.257 million.

Research Project Grants (RPGs) (+$16.927 million; total $261.341 million): NIEHS will support a total of 611 RPG awards in FY 2010. Noncompeting RPGs will decrease by 9 awards and $3.339 million. Competing RPGs will increase by 46 awards and $19.766 million. The NIH Budget policy for RPGs in FY 2010 is 2 percent inflationary increases for noncompeting awards and 2 percent increases in average cost for competing RPGs. NIEHS will continue to support new investigators in FY 2010.

Basic Mechanisms in Human Biology (+$5.036 million; total $258.955 million): Additional funds in this area will be used to provide state-of-the-art scientific tools to help define the mechanisms that cells, tissues and organisms use to respond to physiological and environmental stimuli. This work includes studies of receptor action and signal transduction; epigenetic effects and control of gene expression; pathways of oxidative stress and immune function; cellular machinery for cell cycle control; DNA mutagenesis and repair and many others.

Exposure Biology/Exposure Measurement (+$9.429 million; total $29.473 million): The additional funds will be used to support expanded nanotechnology-related research efforts aimed at improving the understanding of potential human health and safety impacts of nano-enabled products.

Intramural research (+$2.647 million; total $179.082 million): The additional funds will be used for scientific recruitments to broaden the intramural research scientific base with expertise consistent with the NIEHS strategic plan. Funds will also be used for expenses associated with the pay increase and for laboratory supplies, materials and other expenses.

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