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Summary of Changes

FY 2009 Superfund Budget

FY 2008 Enacted$77,546,000
FY 2009 Estimated Budget Authority77,546,000
Net change0
Changes2008 Current Enacted BaseChange from Base
Budget AuthorityBudget Authority
A. Built-in:
1. Research Management and Support:
a. Annualization of January 2008 pay increase $1,405,000 $12,000
b. January 2009 pay increase 1,405,000 31,000
c. One less day of pay 1,405,000 -5,000
d. Payment for centrally furnished services 99,000 1,000
e. Increased cost of laboratory supplies, materials, and other expenses 2,161,000 40,000
Subtotal   79,000
Subtotal, Built-in   79,000
B. Program:
1. Research project grants:
a. Noncompeting24$39,240,000-6-4,723,000
b. Competing55,528,00074,694,000
c. SBIR/STTR102,069,0000-2,000
2. Other research1825,544,0000-24,000
3. Research and development contracts11,500,00000
Subtotal, extramural   -55,000
4. Research management and support 3,665,000 -24,000
Subtotal, program 77,546,000 -79,000
Total changes   0


FTEs are included with the regular NIEHS appropriation.

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