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Budget Authority by Object

FY 2009 Budget

 FY 2008 EnactedFY 2009 EstimateIncrease or Decrease
Total compensable workyears:   
Full-time employment6586635
Full-time equivalent of overtime and holiday hours110
Average ES salary$162,100$166,200$4,100
Average GM/GS grade11.211.20.0
Average GM/GS salary$77,600$80,000$2,400
Average salary, grade established by act of July 1, 1944 (42 U.S.C. 207)$103,400$106,400$3,000
Average salary of ungraded positions  119,800123,3003,500
OBJECT CLASSESFY 2008 EnactedFY 2009 EstimateIncrease or Decrease
Personnel Compensation:   
11.1 Full-time permanent$40,270,000$42,432,000$2,162,000
11.3 Other than full-time permanent17,586,00018,536,000950,000
11.5 Other personnel compensation850,000896,00046,000
11.7 Military personnel904,000946,00042,000
11.8 Special personnel services payments10,854,00011,440,000586,000
Total, Personnel Compensation70,464,00074,250,0003,786,000
12.0 Personnel benefits16,235,00017,112,000877,000
12.2 Military personnel benefits502,000525,00023,000
13.0 Benefits for former personnel000
Subtotal, Pay Costs87,201,00091,887,0004,686,000
21.0 Travel and transportation of persons2,053,0002,115,00062,000
22.0 Transportation of things313,000313,0000
23.1 Rental payments to GSA  4,0004,0000
23.2 Rental payments to others  34,00034,0000
23.3 Communications, utilities and  miscellaneous charges1,004,0001,015,00011,000
24.0 Printing and reproduction132,000131,000-1,000
25.1 Consulting services2,356,0002,300,000-56,000
25.2 Other services16,427,00014,115,000-2,312,000
25.3 Purchase of goods and services from government accounts101,396,000102,410,0001,014,000
25.4 Operation and maintenance of facilities  2,299,0002,290,000-9,000
25.5 Research and development contracts  109,804,000109,804,0000
25.6 Medical care  43,00043,0000
25.7 Operation and maintenance of equipment2,565,0002,550,000-15,000
25.8 Subsistence and support of persons000
25.0 Subtotal, Other Contractual Services234,890,000233,512,000 -1,378,000
26.0 Supplies and materials13,183,00012,860,000-323,000
31.0 Equipment  5,590,0005,450,000-140,000
32.0 Land and structures000
33.0 Investments and loans000
41.0 Grants, subsidies and contributions297,849,000295,554,000-2,295,000
42.0 Insurance claims and indemnities000
43.0 Interest and dividends000
44.0 Refunds000
Subtotal, Non-Pay Costs555,052,000550,988,000-4,064,000
Total Budget Authority by Object642,253,000642,875,000622,000

Includes FTEs which are reimbursed from the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research.

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