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Major Changes in Budget Request

FY 2008 Budget

Major changes by budget mechanism and/or budget program detail are briefly described below. Note that there may be overlap between budget mechanism and program detail and these highlights will not sum to the total change for the FY 2008 budget request for NIEHS, which is -$3.497 million less than the FY 2007 Estimate, for a total of $637.406 million.

Research Project Grants (-$1.994 million; total $228.474 million): NIEHS will support a total of 573 Research Project Grant (RPG) awards in FY 2008. Noncompeting RPGs will increase by 3 awards and increase by $9.782 million. Competing RPGs will decrease by 32 awards and decrease by $1 1.536 million.

Research Careers (+$.900 million: total $6.622 million): NIEHS will support the Pathway to Independence program, by funding an additional 10 awards in FY 2008. Total support for the Pathway program in FY 2008 is 20 awards and $1.8 million dollars.

NIH Roadmap for Biomedical Research (-6.735 million: total $8.428 million): NIEHS will continue its support of the NIH Roadmap, an incubator for new ideas and initiatives that will accelerate the pace of discovery, in FY 2008.

Clinical Research (+$2.307 million: total $45.874 million): NIEHS will expand clinical protocols in FY 2008 following the opening of a new clinical research unit in late FY 2007.

Basic Mechanisms in Human Biology (-$3.254 million: total $253.762 million): NIEHS has redirected funds from this area to expand clinical research in FY 2008.

Interdisciplinary, Integrated Research (-$2.089 million; total $56.989 million): Funds in this area are being redirected from core centers to other high-priority center and non-center programs in FY 2008.

Community-linked & Global Environmental Health Research (-$. 974 million; total $39.5 94 million): NlEHS plans to award new grants consistent with environmental justice goals, rather than to award specifically-targeted environmental justice grants. It is anticipated that many of the new awards will fall into other program areas.

Pathways for Future Environmental Health Scientisl(+$.669 million; total $27.971 million): NIEHS will support the Outstanding New Environmental Scientist (ONES) Program and other activities to attract exceptional researchers to the environmental health sciences field.

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