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Budget Authority by Object

FY 2007 Superfund Budget

Object ClassesFY 2006 AppropriationFY 2007 EstimateIncrease or Decrease
 Personnel Compensation:   
11.1Full-Time Permanent$820,000$855,000$35,000
11.3Other than Full-Time Permanent104,000108,0004,000
11.5Other Personnel Compensation13,00013,0000
11.8Special Personnel Services Payments   
11.9Total Personnel Compensation937,000976,00039,000
12.1Personnel Benefits315,000329,00014,000
13.0Benefits for Former Personnel   
 Subtotal, Pay Costs1,252,0001,305,00053,000
21.0Travel & Transportation of Persons100,000105,0005,000
22.0Transportation of Things11,00011,0000
23.1Rental Payments to GSA   
23.2Rental Payments to Others   
23.3Communications, Utilities & Miscellaneous Charges1,0001,0000
24.0Printing & Reproduction45,00047,0002,000
25.1Consulting Services   
25.2Other Services1,800,0001,777,000-23,000
25.3Purchase of Goods & Services from Government Accounts1,725,0001,740,00015,000
25.4Operation & Maintenance of Facilities   
25.5Research & Development Contracts   
25.6Medical Care   
25.7Operation & Maintenance of Equipment   
25.8Subsistence & Support of Persons9,0009,0000
25.0Subtotal, Other Contractual Services3,534,0003,526,000-8,000
26.0Supplies & Materials19,00019,0000
32.0Land and Structures   
33.0Investments & Loans   
41.0Grants, Subsidies & Contributions74,137,00073,391,000-747,000
42.0Insurance Claims & Indemnities   
43.0Interest & Dividends   
 Subtotal, Non-Pay Costs77,856,00077,109,000-747,000
 Total Budget Authority by Object$79,108,000$78,414,000-$694,000


Note: FTEs are included with the regular NIEHS appropriation.

FTE = Full-time Equivalent