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Your Environment. Your Health.

50th Anniversary Committee

Committee Members

Joel Abramowitz, Ph.D.
Joel Abramowitz, Ph.D.
Special Assistant

Tel 919-541-4892
Fax 301-480-2820
Lois Annab
Lois A. Annab

Tel 919-541-0746
Gary Bird, Ph.D.
Gary S. Bird, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist

Tel 919-541-0214
Fax 919-541-1898
Paul Cacioppo
Paul B. Cacioppo
Contractor — Graphic Designer

Tel 919-876-6400 x704
Jennifer Collins
Jennifer B. Collins
Health Specialist

Tel 919-541-0117
Tammy Collins, Ph.D.
Tammy R. Collins, Ph.D.
Director, NIEHS Office of Fellows' Career Development

Tel 919-541-3344
Corcoran, Donna
Donna Jeanne Corcoran
Contractor — Graphic Designer

Tel 919-876-6400
Fax 919-876-7064
Christine Bruske Flowers
Christine Flowers, M.P.A.
Director, Office of Communications and Public Liaison

Tel 919-541-3665
Fax 301-480-2978
Jerrold Heindel
Jerry Heindel, Ph.D.
Health Scientist Administrator

Tel 919-541-0781
Stephanie Holmgren, MLIS, MBA
Stephanie D. Holmgren, M.S.L.S., MBA
Acting Director, Office of Data Science

Tel 919-541-2599
Cathy L. Jamison
Cathy L. Jamison, M.S.
Support Services Specialist

Tel 919-541-3360
James C. Little
James C. Little
Contractor — Web Developer

Tel 919-948-6383
Claire Long
Claire M. Long
Management Analyst

Tel 984-287-3038
Robin Mackar, M.P.H.
Robin Mackar, M.P.H.
News Director

Tel 919-541-0073
Fax 301-480-3226
John Maruca
John F. Maruca
Contractor — Event Planning/Videographer

Tel 919-876-6400 x705
Headshot of Mark Miller
Mark F. Miller, Ph.D.
Chief of Staff

Tel 919-541-7758
Mitchiner, Nathan
Nathan J. Mitchiner
Contractor — Lead Multimedia Specialist

Tel 919-948-6383 x286
Elizabeth Ney
Eli Ney

Tel 919-541-5182
Fax 919-541-4714
Julie Nixon
Julie D. Nixon
Emergency Management Program Specialist

Tel 919-541-5342
Fax 301-451-5508
Joseph D. Poccia
Joseph D. Poccia
Digital Design Manager

Tel 919-541-7860
Nicole Popovich
Nicole M. Popovich
Management Analyst

Tel 919-541-7725
Wei Qu, Ph.D.
Wei Qu, Ph.D.

Tel 919-541-0540
Fax 919-541-3970
Devlin Sawyer
Devlin Sawyer
Administrative Technician

Tel 919-541-0378
Amanda Thompson
Amanda D. Thompson
Space Planning, Furniture, Moves

Tel 919-541-5351
Anne Thompson
Anne M. Thompson
Copy Editor, Print Graphics Coordinator

Tel 919-316-4517
Cheryl Thompson, M.B.A.
Cheryl R. Thompson, MBA
Web Manager

Tel 919-541-1072
Fax 301-480-3250
Molly Vallant
Molly Kutty S. Vallant

Tel 919-541-5234

Alumni Members

Ralph Ball
Eddy Ball, Ph.D.
Contractor — Writer
Annette G. Kirshner
Annette Kirshner
Not Pictured
Sandy Lange
Anne Sassaman
Anne P. Sassaman, Ph.D.
Director, DERT, retired

Ad Hoc Advisors

Bruce Androphy, Esq.
Bruce A. Androphy
Director, NIEHS Ethics Office

Tel 919-541-0397
Dr. Kevin Gerrish
Kevin Gerrish, Ph.D.
Acting Director, Molecular Genomics Core Laboratory

Tel 919-541-5042
Fax 919-541-1506
Jensen, Claus
Claus Jensen
Contractor — Team Lead

Tel 919-948-6014
Laurie Johnson
Laurie K. Johnson
Acting Deputy Executive Officer

Tel 919-541-0918
Beth Lauderdale
Beth Lauderdale
Program Coordination Officer

Tel 984-287-3036
John Schelp
John Schelp, M.P.A.
Special Assistant for Community Engagement and Outreach

Tel 919-541-5723