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Sara Stanton

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Sara Stanton, a student at the University of Vermont, worked in the summer of 2010 as a Research Assistant at the Mound Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL) as part of the ARRA Student Summer Experience. Specifically, her work focused on developing a series of films to adequately translate the goals of the Laboratory's research into Plain English for the general public. To do this, Sara attended lectures, special courses, and field trips so that she could fully understand the various research projects taking place at MDIBL. Sara is minoring in Film Studies at the University of Vermont, and this project allowed her hone her filming and editing technique. In addition, she was able to learn the complexities of several scientific experiments through hands-on research in the lab. The most interesting projects she worked on were examining the effects of arsenic on killifish and the importance of eel grass restoration.

Overall, the ARRA Student Summer Experience offered Sara a unique opportunity to spend the summer doing work that incorporated many of her interests. She is an Anthropology major focusing on Environmental Anthropology, so she really enjoyed being able to translate the goals and processes of the laboratory into film so others could understand the importance of environmental research. This experience proved invaluable to Sara, because it not only confirmed her career interests, but it also showed her possible ways to combine them into one profession.

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