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Miriam Subbiah

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This is Miriam's second summer working for the Dartmouth College Superfund Research Program as part of the ARRA Student Summer Experience. This year, Miriam was able to expand upon the knowledge she gained last year from her work with the Birth Cohort Study. This year, Miriam was responsible for three main tasks: to revise and re-format the questionnaires for the New Hampshire Birth Control Study, which she helped create last year; create databases for those forms to be entered; and perform the data entry. To revise and improve the questionnaire, Miriam worked with the study research coordinator to determine which questions the participants found most confusing. She then modified the database to accommodate those revisions.

Since Miriam had prior experience with the questionnaires and databases used in this research group, she was able to smoothly revise and improve the questionnaires for the next round of study participants. Overall, she learned more about how research studies are conducted and how databases are used for tracking. Her experience also introduced her to beginning programming. This experience, and her experience in designing questionnaires has prompted Miriam to consider a career in graphic design, with a possible emphasis on web design.

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