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Mathieu Menard

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2010 marks the second summer that Mathieu has worked for the Dartmouth College Superfund Research Program as part of the ARRA Student Summer Experience. This year, he spent six weeks working with the Birth Cohort Study to create Microsoft Access data entry forms, and linking them to databases in a Microsoft SQL server, allowing for remote storage of data. This gave Mathieu experience with coding in Visual Basic, as well as setting up queries in Microsoft SQL server.

Mathieu was very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Dartmouth researchers for several reasons. First, the money he earned helped fund his study abroad trip to the University of Auckland, New Zealand. In the longer term, Mathieu found that this experience provided him with valuable computer skills that he will be able to use in future employment, as well as in sociological research, which is his major at Colorado College. These skills will also be useful to him in the workplace, or in graduate school if he decides to pursue further education.


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