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Marisa Dzioba

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This year marked the second summer that Marisa worked with Dartmouth College Superfund Research Program researchers as part of the ARRA Student Summer Experience. This year, Marisa was able to practice and perfect her laboratory skills. She spent a lot of time learning and practicing the Western Blot assay method, and became proficient enough to troubleshoot common problems. She also enjoyed the immersion into science. Marisa says that she was able to attend several seminars, and was able to hear lectures from scientists she would never have met otherwise. She says her knowledge was broadened by listening to lectures about research projects other than her own, and was able to ask researchers questions about her own work and receive feedback. Marisa says that this experience fulfilled every expectation she had.

In the future, Marisa hopes to pursue a career in medicine. From her time with Dartmouth researchers, she was able to learn more about specific illnesses, such as cystic fibrosis. Marisa also feels she benefited from the exposure to researchers and seeing the scientific method in action, as well as the teamwork required to meet research goals.


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