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Joann Gruber

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In the summer of 2010, Joann Gruber worked in the Dartmouth Medical School department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology as part of the ARRA Summer Research Experience. She contributed valuable assistance to a study investigating how diet and nutrients affect arsenic exposure via drinking water on maternal health and fetal development. Joann analyzed data from a birth cohort study in New Hampshire. She learned how to adapt and write code in SAS, which are essential skills for an aspiring epidemiologist. In addition, Joann improved her MATLAB programming skills, which she used to supplement her work in SAS. Joann learned how to create macros in SAS, how to successfully debug a SAS program, and how to plot data in MATLAB.

Joann says, "By completing this summer research experience, I have gained vital skills and knowledge of key programming skills for my future work in epidemiology." She plans to apply to graduate school soon.

Outside of the lab, Joann enjoys volunteering at David's House and Students Fight Hunger. She loves being outside walking, playing volleyball, and playing badminton. She also likes baking, playing pool, and playing the guitar.


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